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Andreas Kipar bio photo

Andreas Kipar

Milan, Italy

Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of LAND

Andreas Kipar is the founder, CEO, and creative director of Landscape Architecture Nature Development. A teacher of public space design at Politecnico di Milano since 2009, he holds seminars and lectures at universities in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and France. Kipar is the creator of the Green Rays model in Milan, connecting areas of the city from the center to the periphery, which has been applied in Essen, Germany, and in the Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye neighborhood of Moscow. In Italy, he drafted urban and peri-urban green plans in several cities and for the development of territorial strategic plans. Previously, Kipar supervised the landscaping for Expo 2020 in Dubai, greenery strategy for urban centers in the Middle East, and the German pavilion at Expo 2019 in Beijing. He is a member of the German Academy of Urban and Regional Planning, Association of German Landscape Architects, Italian Association of Landscape Architects, and Italian Institute of Urban Planning.