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Nathalia Gallego Sanchez, a.k.a. Gleo bio photo

Nathalia Gallego Sanchez, a.k.a. Gleo

Cali, Colombia

Visual Artist

Nathalia Gallego Sanchez, also known as Gleo, is an artist from Cali, Colombia. In the quest to find herself as an individual in the work of painting, she has made her process an apprenticeship in understanding her inner self and transmitting this in her art. Gleo’s work includes murals, canvases, and serigraphs. Through the representation of nature, vibrations of color and compositions build a sensory experience as she explores a conscious graphic language. Gleo’s belief that we all form one with nature informs her search for a sensorial and universal language in which her work is a turning point within the spaces we normally inhabit, a bridge to an experience of inner contemplation.