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Peju Alatise

Lagos, Nigeria


Peju Alatise is a Nigerian-based interdisciplinary artist, architect, and writer. She produces work across a variety of mediums and techniques, including but not limited to paintings, film, installations, sculptures. She explored the theme of representing marginalized girls at the Venice Art Biennial in 2017. Four years later, at the Venice Architecture Biennial in 2021, she used Yoruba folklore that evoked stories of creatures with powers commanding thunder, water, retribution and abundance. Alatise’s work is pointedly political, often asking damning questions of—and provoking reflections about—the times and the state of affairs in Nigeria and abroad. Her work has explored exploitative labor practices in Nigeria, child rights with a focus on young girls, and state-sanctioned violence against citizens. She also has explored migration and the policies that ensure that many, who set out to seek a better life, end up dying at sea.